Checkout the new amazing Eagle Flight trailer

Guys, check out this amazing new Eagle Flight trailer. The game comes to HTC Vive tomorrow, the 18th. It shows you how to play the game, really cool trailer.

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Story, mission, hidden collectibles, multiplayer - damn this game really looks amazing. I think it’s one of the most unique VR game we’ve seen lately. The atmosphere is great, and I’ve heard that the optimized it to make it comfortable to play. I was really amazed by the game when I first saw some gameplay footage at E3 2016

Impressive trailer, hopes the gameplay is fun as the trailer makes it look like.

It’s very innovative in a sense and perfect fit for VR because of the beautiful landscapes that you can view from above, like a flight simulator and FPS made a child, that’s what you get.

I tried the game at a friend’s house, loved it so much. This exactly the VR experience I was hoping to play. I had high expectations and this title didn’t disappoint… The campaign is very short but for me it was all about multiplayer and that’s where the game really shines. I just wish they will add more modes to the multiplayer not just capture the flag.