Chase The Rabbit - VR

“If a rabbit’s paw brings happiness, what happened to the rabbit?”

Try and discover a new world in low-poly with your VR glasses and find out what is going on in there.

Hello everybody

“Chase The Rabbit VR” is our first video game as an indie swiss game studio. We are proud to show you what we built and what we learn with the virtual reality, Unity.

With this little game you’ll be able to try and discover a low-poly world with or without your VR glasses. Your goal is to explore, to find and to chase a rabbit in photo and to find what is going on in this place.
Chase The Rabbit VR is available on Google Play:


Plateform : Android
Release Date : 31 april 2017
VR Compatible: No / Yes (need a remote)
Developped by : Protokoll Studio
Contact :

If you have any questions or other, I will be ready to answer you :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

We want to tell you that we reached more than 300 downloads on the Play Store. We are so proud. Especially for our first game :slight_smile:

Does it work with Gear VR or just Cardboard goggles?

We especially tested the game with the Homido Remote. It should be interesting to know if it work with the Gear VR remote.

Edit : Normally it should work with any VR glasses but you need a remote to control the player