Can the screen brightness be adjusted for PlayStation VR headset?

I suffer when viewing very bright lights for a long period of time, so I wondered if it will be possible to reduce the brightness of the PSVR screen the same that you can do with a regular computer monitor?

I’ll look it up. I don’t see any reason why we won’t be able to do this, it’s a screen after all, but let me check on this and get back to you.

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People saying that it’s not possible to turn brightness down on the Vive (reddit) and I can’t find anything about the Oculus Rift, for the Gear VR you can, obviously, because it uses the mobile phone display.

I think it’s better if you ask Sony directly and even then I don’t think you’ll get an answer, at least not yet.

VREpic, I couldn’t find any relevant information, official and unofficial. I’ll look it up again later and if I find something I’ll post it here in this discussion.