Can a PSVR headset be used on a Windows PC?

Okay before I get murdered for my curiosity this question is based on a scenario where no money was spent to either the PSVR headset OR COMPUTER. For example, Taco Bell has been recently giving away a lot of PSVR headsets and persons without a PlayStation 4 can enter the giveaways so in the case where a non PS4 owner wins a headset, has a gaming pc and wants to enter VR gaming, is it possible to run the PSVR headset with motion tracking in VR supported games?


PSVR as for now is a proprietary headset that only works with the PlayStation 4 console and not on the PC. That being said, you can read on this article (there are other resources as well), that Sony isn’t ruling out supporting PC as well. In my opinion, Sony can really benefit from making the PSVR work natively on PC and it can compete against HTC Vive and Oculus Rift by offering a more affordable alternative to the Vive and Rift. Both Vive and Rift don’t reach their full potential because of the expensive entry price of both the headset and the PC hardware required to run them.

Some people say it will happen sooner than we think, but as for it’s not supported. I am not ruling out an option that some people will hack it in a way and make it work. If that happens, you will probably here about it on this subreddit.

Hope that answers your question.

Sony could certainly benefit from having its headset available as a mid-range option for Windows VR games, but Microsoft saw it coming and has its own plans and it will be releasing its own range of mid-range VR headsets. I love competition, it just help push this industry forward and lower prices.