Blubur S1 VR headset announced

Guys, who is the Blubur S1 headset is actually aimed for?

Is it designed to compete against the Vive?

It was announced on June 29, 2016. The company 3Glasses seams to have a lot of experience and it was in the virtual reality business even before Oculus, according to this article.

Maybe they just didn’t do all that necessary to really make into the consumer market and from what I can see right now, the headset indeed competes in the high end market and against the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It will be cheaper and has some technological advantages, but I’m not sure what markets the company is aimed for selling this headset. I need to read mor eabout it.

Looks interesting, now it’s on sale on Geekbuying for $399

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I don’t really understand the companies who invest in yet another proprietary headset. You’ll need software for those anyways, and who developers are going to develop apps and games for? of course the most popular ones, so why bother with it. Even if the headset is much more advanced than the the other ones, still, developers will target the one that sells most.