Black Hat Cooperative - your opinions

Out latest ‘Impressive’ award-winning game is Black Hat Cooperative. I became a big fan of cooperative multiplayer games when I played MMOs (e.g. Destiny, Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn). I found myself enjoying it so much that I now always make sure that I don’t miss any good co-op game that is released.

One game that I almost missed was Black Hat Cooperative, a cooperative adventure-puzzle game for Oculus Rift, although the developer mentioned that it will be supporting the HTC Vive in the next major update.

You can read more about the game in our Black Hat Cooperative preview article and find out what make this game one of the best co-op VR games on the Oculus Store.

Here’s a video posted by the developer Team Future on their YouTube channel, showing how two players communicate with each other by voice in order to accomplish one of the levels called “Transparent”.

Did you have the chance to play this game? Share your thought on this topic.Thanks.

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That’s exactly the type of games that I want to see more in the future. Thanks for the preview spook.

Played it at my friend’s house, excellent co-op no doubt… how can you miss it, it was covered by all the biggest gaming sites :slight_smile:

Oculus Rift isn’t required, you can play with two monitors and teamwork is essential, what makes this game so good. You are only two players, so if one screw things up, it’s game over pretty quickly.