Best VR Games Today

Hi Guys! Just want ask what is your best VR game and what would you recommend the best to play? Thanks!

There are a huge number of types of VR games. Each site has examples of each of these types. Searching online will give you sites that have the ones you like. Or, try them all, then choose your favorite. One such website is, ( where you can find a wide variety of choices which include the latest video games, consoles and accessories offered in the gaming world today. Some of the types of VR games include: Doom, Tiny Trax, Far Cry 3, Dragon Age 2, etc.
Hope this could help you!:grinning:


My Favorite Dragon Age 2.
But I want to inform you about new game. Sniper Rust VR.

Just check New Game Details Here. Sniper Rust VR, Releasing in December. You can check more details through search engine and YouTube Videos.

Sniper Rust VR is a hardcore, first-person sniping experience set across an action-packed campaign. It offers the first-of-its-kind, sharpshooting experience for Virtual Reality devices.Embark on an immersive, first-person sniping mission against a global insurgency in Virtual Reality.



I’m new to the post and am looking for ideas for my son. He just got a (somewhat cheap, $80) VR set for his LG phone. He’s interested in a game or 2 for Christmas. I know he has played Zombie Apocalypse and Call of Duty in the past and, presently, is playing Witcher. Any ideas? Or is his set not really good enough for any really good VR gaming?


Cool, have a look at this 15 best VR games of 2018.