Best God Sim VR Game for Oculus Quest Available via App Lab

Today I played an amazing God Sim game in a virtual reality called Deisim. It’s a paid Quest game you can buy through the Oculus Quest website via App Lab. App Lab offers devs a way to release apps and game to the Quest store that doesn’t need to go through the App Review process. Kind of similar to Early Access on Steam. So you’ll find unfinished games that are in different stages of development.

In Deisimi you take a role of a mighty god. It’s up to you to manage your domain, by that I mean, humans on your own created a world. You can be good to them or punish them if they betray you and lose weight in you. You can smush the unbelievers to pieces if you like.

Your creation abilities come as a form of spells–I mean, miracles. You start at level one and as you progress you’ll unlock more miracle options. For example, you can create grasslands, forests, lakes, pine forests, mountains, create animals and apply weather conditions like lightning, make trees burn, and more.

Locomotion is implemented perfectly in this game. You can use teleportation, use the stick to rotate or just rotate your body, use the trigger buttons to move in the 3D space, and more. Many options are available in the settings menu to adjust the locomotion to your liking. I personally recommend free movement using the trigger (hold trigger to move) buttons.

Here is some gameplay video of me playing Deisim on the Oculus Quest 2. I hope you get to better understand what this game is all about, but remember that it’s still in early access via App Lap. Enjoy.