BE GREAT AGAIN! VR - Become who you are meant to be in Virtual Reality!

Hey guys,

Since you are VR enthusiasts, I figured you’d be interested in a new Virtual Reality game called BE GREAT AGAIN! The game is uplifting to anyone who might be feeling down. Alongside inspiring characters, the game will awaken an inner flame so that you will find yourself becoming who you are truly meant to be!

The game is free and runs on Google Cardboard:

I’m an indie developer at grey labs. In this game, I use Virtual Reality to tell a story about the player himself, about his evolution throughout a few ‘incarnations’ and about the discovery of who he really is.

Feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Going to check it out buddy, looks great. Time to bring out my Cardboard headset, haven’t used it for quite some time :slight_smile:

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