Battlezone new PlayStation VR Gameplay Video

PlayStation Access just released Battlezone gameplay video (both screen and offscreen). I really look forward to play this game. I like everything about it, the unique geometric futuristic visuals, the cool shooting effect, the smooth tank movement, it’s just looks the perfect VR game for me.

In the official page the developer mentioned a Dynamic replayable campaign due to the procedurally-generated levels. I really value any game that strive to bring higher replay value. The game looks really The game will run at 60fps (120fps with Reprojection).

Battlezone will also feature a multiplayer mode (mentioned here), no doubt, a must have game for PSVR owners.

I also update the main site with the release date. According to the official website, the game is launching exclusively as a launch title for PlayStation VR in 2016 and will be released later on for PC. I think that they should update the date, because we already know that PSVR will be released on October 13, 2016, so we can just assume that Battlezone will launch on October 13, 2016 as well.

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Eagerly waiting to play this game, looks awesome!

Looks impressive, love vehicular combat games.