Battlefield 1 open beta impressions

I’ve spent quite a few hours playing Battlefield 1 open beta and I want to share my experience with you guys. I am a big fan of the Battlefield franchise. I start playing Battlefield since Battlefield 2. Since then I’ve played all the Battlefield games. My most favorite title were Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 2142. I’ve spend more than 1000 hours playing Battlefield 3, and my favorite map was Metro.

Battlefield 1 is the only title that brought me back to what I love about the Battlefield series, the same authentic shooting experience that I felt when I played BF2. My expectations were high, but after a huge disappointed with Battlefield 4, I was a bit skeptic about this new title. I hate the BF4 gameplay mechanics when the game launched, I just didn’t like the gameplay mechanics, it felt more like playing COD, and it seems that DICE was trying to attract COD players to play its new title then improving upon the formula that made BF games so fun and unique. I stopped playing BF4 after a few days.

After launching Battlefield 1, I was blown away by how amazing the game looks. I just couldn’t believe that a game on the PS4 can look so good. The texture quality, the character animation, the atmospheric visuals (e.g. fog, sandstorm), everything felt to realistic and fresh. My friend told me that the game utilizes a new game engine and because Battlefield 1 is developed for modern consoles and PC, that what allows the developer to make a game with much higher graphic qualities. Whatever the reason is, Battlefield 1 is by far the best looking game in the series. The game runs at 60fps and I rarely notices any frame drops. Just in comparison, when I play metro in Battlefield 4, there are a lot of occasions where the framerate drops to even below 20fps and the game really looks unpolished, with jaggies and low textures. I just couldn’t believe that there is such a huge different between the two titles. So yes, in terms of graphics, BF1 looks much better than BF4 and runs much more smoothly.

The visuals are just one part of the many things that have been improved. The character animations, the vehicles physics and the weapon handling all felt spot on. I’ve encountered a few bugs and glitches, but I spent a few seconds submitting the bugs to they can be fixed before the game is officially released in October.

The Sinai Desert map was really boring. I play the game on the PS4, so I only got to play a single map, compared to PC where players can choose between three maps. As I said, the map looks great visually, but when playing conquest, half of the map is almost completely empty with just one flag point to capture. You can take a car or a horse and move fast between points, but those aren’t always available, and I found myself spending a lot of time running between points.

I didn’t upload a long gameplay session to my YouTube channel, so here’s a gameplay footage by TheRelaxingEnd from the open beta.

I was a bit worries at first, but after watching gameplay videos of the other maps, I was less worries. I just can’t see myself playing this map again when the game is out, it was nice to get to know the game for the first time, but making the largest map in the history of Battlefield, doesn’t mean that it will be fun to play, and in fact, in wasn’t, probably one of the most boring maps I’ve played in any Battlefield game. Playing Rush was a bit less boring, because you play the map section by section, and the use of the rocky mountain allows for a more strategic gameplay, which was more fun than playing compared to conquest.

Another thing that I didn’t like is the weapon variations. You can’t unlock all the weapon in the open beta, but there is very little variations between the weapons. Some of the weapons have the same stat but with more bullets in the magazine, and you have like three weapons that look the same and feel almost the same when playing it. Having more unique weapons would be nice, and it felt to me that the WW1 theme was posing limitations of what weapons players can play, compared to futuristic games where you have a lot of weapons and gadgets, everyone is completely unique. The vehicles also felt a bit boring. Like one of the tanks looking like a box. I understand that we are playing a WW1 themed FPS, but I preferred the design of the modern vehicles than the WW1 ones. Some players have preferred a WW2 theme due to that reason. It seems to me that I’ll get bored with playing with those weapon pretty fast after some time. On the other hand, I recall that in every Battlefield game, regardless of the weapon variation, I eventually played with one or two weapons for each class that I found the most fun to play and stuck with it, so maybe it’s not a big issue after all.

Battlefield is all about having fun playing with friends and enjoying large battles. BF1 is really cinematic, and give you a great sense of taking part of a large battle. Many of my friends installed the open beta and I really enjoyed playing with them. Like in other Battlefield games, the game creates some really fun moment. I personally like the new melee attack animations.

I love the fact that there is no loot packs any more, I really disliked this idea. DICE also dropped the Commander feature and the game seems to go back to play like the older titles. The UI was also improved. Even now, after playing quite a lot of BF4 on the PS4, I still find the UI really cumbersome. Some players wanted the menus to have a retro design look, but for me what matters is that I can operate them fast and they look clear and readable, nothing more. I won’t be spending most of the time in the menus anyways, but playing the game, so I’m happy with how the UI looks now. If it resembles Battlefront or not, I really don’t care, it looks great and very easy to navigate.

The shooting mechanics and fun. You still have slow- and fast firing weapons, so don’t worry about that. Tanks are now much more powerful and harder to eliminate, which is a good thing in my opinion. It forces player to group up and focus on eliminating tanks first. Players who love playing in vehicles can enjoy playing them longer, not being afraid that one guy will drop a C4 from the sky or troll them behind a rock and will blow the tank away to pieces with a single C4 explosive.

The sound effects is among the best I’ve heard in any Battlefield game. As I said, it feels very authentic, and it adds to the overall cinematic feeling, which is great. So although the Sinai desert map was bad, I was still having a lot of fun playing with friends. I enjoy coordinating moves and being able to outrun the enemy using our own squad tactics, capturing points and eventually winning the round.

You might call me a Battlefield fanboy, but I actually enjoy playing both Battlefield and COD. I really like playing Black Ops 3, and I think it’s an amazing game. But I want to play something new, and Battlefield 1 feels different than other shooters that I’ve played. Better graphics are nice, but as long as it doesn’t come instead of great gameplay experience. That being said, the cinematic visuals really help the battle feel more realistic and engaging. I really enjoyed every second looking at the surroundings , the fire effect, when a vehicle blew up - everything felt so authentic, just wow. I’m sure that the other maps would bring even a much better experience. Sinai Desert was a very large but very empty map, other maps that I’ve seen are much more populated with buildings, vegetation and places that you can hide.

Battlefield 1 is going to be an amazing game, I have no doubt about it. I’m happy that DICE have decided to choose a WW1 theme for its next Battlefield title. I just hope that those bugs that I’ve encountered will be fixed before release and we are going to see more gun variations and better map designs. Really enjoyed the beat and looking forward to play the full game in October.


Enjoying it so far, but the Sinai map is really bad indeed.

Game is great, but I agree that this map is a bit boring. I did enjoy playing this map in conquest mode with friends. There other maps are much better, and everything in this game seems like a step up from BF4. Day-1 buy for me, they nailed it this time and hope that they do fix all the bug and issues players are reporting in the beta.