Battlefield 1 getting high review scores

I am taking a break from VR games today and be playing Battlefield 1. Gamespot and Polygon gave it 9, but I have to say that I am not surprised. I played the beta and was surprised to see EA brings such a polished, beautiful and such an amazing gameplay experience. I was among those who were very disappointed from BF4, and I’m sure I’m going to have a blast playing BF1 today. Anyone also plans to play it?


I’m so excited, been fan of the series since the first Battlefield game. I loved everything in the game, just couldn’t find any flaws. The PS4 version look amazing, best looking shooter on the PS4 by far - great cinematic experience, can’t recall a shooter looking so good on consoles. Looking forward to play with you guys!

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I’ll be playing with my friend, but you can join. Just search SpookyFairy and add me to the friends list and we can play all together, would be so much gun. BF was always a great game to play with friends on the same team :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I plan to play it on the 21st, I never missed a BF game. So envy you guys playing today, but I have to study, but I’ll see ya’ll in the battlefield in just a few short days, don’t rank up to fast on me, I don’t like be given orders :frowning:

You can joins, me and my friends are playing tonight, I would be glad if you join us on the 21st. The larger the people on the squad the more fun the game becomes. Invite me when you log in, you know my username on the PS4.

Yesterday I deleted Destiny from the PS4 LOL. I played the latest expansion, I had fun, but it’s time for some real enjoyable shooting experience, what Battlefield best! Goodbye Destiny, I enjoyed you a lot, but I have to move on.

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But but but raid hard mode!cmon spook destiny is better than battlefield!

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Dude Argonne Forest gonna burn tonight!

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Steve, change to my main account. What’s up my friend!

OMG I’m hyped as fuck.3 hours and a half bro.
It feels like eternity!

I need to bring some food, I’m going to suck to the computer until morning! I hope that many of our friends will play it today! Trust me, who ever don’t buy this game really missed the best shooter of the last 10 years!

We need to be at least a squad …but it’s ok we’ll have fun anyway

How much can you be in a squad? I thought that all players in a PS4 party can play together.

I’ve just read on reddit:

That the limit is 4, is it right? At least it’s higher than a fireteam of 3 :slight_smile:

It would be great to be able to play in a squad of at least 6 people, anything less is a bummer.

Up to 5 in the squad up to 8 in the same team

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Thank god!

Elastic, tell me, what is the “Play First Trial” that I see on Facebook.

Get out there and fight – the Battlefield 1 Play First Trial is now available.

Maybe is the first part of the campaign?

update: Oh, I read about it. It offers origina Access subscribers that option to play 10 hours of play time ahead of the official release date.

More than that would be unbalanced I believe and be harder to match-make players.

Elastic, would you be able to play all night today? I hope that Lillo buys it, it would be sad not playing with him. I have a feeling that he will pass this one because Gears of War 4.

Nothing special its for Ea access (not available on ps4)

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30 minutes OMG! it’s coming WWI is coming upon us!

The game is great, I highly recommend to anyone thinking about getting this game, just to go and buy it!