Bad Robots VR! what do you think?

So this is the VR game that i made, and i wonder what you guys think.
I’m looking for all type of feedback. All feedback is good. Even if you dont have VR or have played it. I value your opinion alot.
I can change, add or remove anything to make the game better.

it’s a basic FPS game that let you kill unlimited waves of robots. each wave make them faster and harder.
You can’t get your health back, so try to keep them disance from you. If they are too many, you can always use the bullet time to slow down time.

More from the game can be found here:

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Is is a stationary shooter or you have the option to move around and change positions?

Hey. You can move around in your playarea, but thats it.
There is 4 diferent levels you can play :slight_smile:

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