Augmented Reality vs Mixed Reality - what's the difference?

I don’t understand the difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). It seems that companies alternate between the two terms, That being said, I jsut watched the video posted here on the forum about Leap Motion mixed reality technology (see the video below). The mention the word “Mixed Reality” and said that it’s different than Augmented Reality (see minute 3:40 in the video).

According to its developer, AR is used to display overlay on top of the world. Their MR technology and I quote: “gives neurologically true visual perception…”.

I still don’t quite understand the real different, can anyone share their knowldge and explain to me what are the differences between AR and MR?

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If I am not wrong, I think that even Microsoft called the HoloLens experiences, Mixed Reality. What HoloLens does is learning the structure of the room and projects holograms that interacts with real objects in the real world. From my understand, In Mixed Realit, virtual entities can interact with other objects in the real world, not just an overlay of information as in augmented reality. I’m a bit confused about the two terms as well, but it seems that mixed reality is emphasized more on a stronger interaction between the virtual and reality, trying to make the difference between virtual and what’s real almost indistinguishable. In fact, in one interview that I’ve seen a week ago, one guy told the press that in the future, people who use mixed reality won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not (quite scary if you think about it).

For example, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game. It overlays on top of a projected video stream that the mobile phone camera captures. The objects are places based on an algorithm that recognizes the sorrounding sturcutre, but the Pokemons aren’t visible on the real world, only through a mobile phone screen. If Pokemon Go was in Mixed Reality, you would have seen them spreaded all around you in the real world, while you are wearing some time of lightweight glasses has mentioned in the video that you embedded in your post.

I actually like the fact that the VR headset completely obscures your vision and replace your real world with a virtual one. It’s a completely different experience. It’s like taking on an adventure in a new world, one that I have never seen before. That’s why I really like playing adventure and fantasy VR games. If I had to decide between walking down outside in my neighborhood or venture through a beautiful fantasy world, I would have chosen a fantasy world. VR allows me to be in many different places the moment I put my VR headset on. Augmented reality can’t replace that, nor Mixed reality. I don’t mean that these are not great technology, I just say that I am a fan of VR technology because it answers my needs when it comes to gaming. Oh, I don’t play Pokemon Go, just if you guys wondered; I think it’s a really dull game.

Virtual reality is where we have a virtual environment and virtual objects. There is no element of the physical reality in there, although environment and objects may well be based on physical objects.

Augmented reality is where the environment is real and may include real objects, but virtual objects are overlaid on that display of the physical world, augmenting it.

Mixed reality is a more general term, where the environment can be virtual or real and have virtual or real objects imposed on it. Think of it like the holodeck on the starship Enterprise from Star Trek. You can impose whatever environment you want. A bar, the surface of mars, the bottom of the ocean, and bring real objects, possibly people, into that environment. Augmented reality is a specific case of mixed reality.

If you’re interested in learning more check this out:

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Virtual Reality (VR) you are completely immersed in a digital world you are enclosed within a headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive there has been a massive spike in consumer usage in gaming and Video.

With Augmented Reality which (AR) there is a digital overlay of the reality that we live in day to day there has been applications around for some time but nothing revolutionary best known app is Pokemon Go.

With Mixed Reality you have the digital overlay of the reality we live in but there is interaction within the overlay. We have taken delivery of our Microsoft Hololens and are excited to develop and this has massive legs to run within enterprise which firmly moves us into the 4th Transformation.

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Excellent explanation, couldn’t say it better.

It is a confusing term, I know many people who really don’t understand what’s the benefits of having a Mixed Reality compared to VR.

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I also see Microsoft’s Mixed Reality called Windows Mixed Reality and some called it Windows VR, which is kind of confusing for new comers, they just don’t know what those headsets are all about. I also don’t think that Microsoft did enough to promote and explain about its technology. I am deep into VR and I had to search and read about it in a specific page on Microsoft’s website.