Asteroid Shooter VR

Hi, guys! I’m from Ukraine and I’m glad to introduce my first Cardboard game “Asteroid Shooter VR”, it’s available on Android and iOS.
Game is simple, I have made it rather for myself, but perhaps it will be also pleasant to someone. The game has various upgrades and rating system. You can get achievements and complete with your friends. I’ll be happy to get any feedback from you! Thanks!


Thanks for sharing, looks awesome, I’ll give it a try tomorrow, good luck!

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Thanks for sharing, it’s time to pull out my good old Cardboard headset from the drawer.

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Coming a bit late but downloading it now. thanks for sharing. Have some spare time before work, I’ll give it a try and give you my feedback.

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Thanks, guys, really glad that you are interested! :raised_hands: :rocket:

FPS are good? No lags on mobiles with 3-4G RAM? What amout of RAM do you preffer?

Highest possible :slight_smile: I guess