ARZombi Ready To Play on the App-Store

Hi all, Sean again!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I hope everyone is well. Just a quick heads up that ARZombi is now available to play on the App-Store. Our team of highly trained monkeys have been coding away to deliver a very cool and unique AR experience.

Many AR zombie apps consist of zombies randomly appearing in spontaneous placements. ARZombi is the first AR game in which you pick a room in your home, barricade the door and windows and fight an onslaught of the undead trying to invade.

Board up your doors and windows and protect your home. Grab the closest weapon to you, pick-up any items zombies may drop and if you get low on health, sit down, grab a pizza and then get back to work!

Rather than the usual sales pitch, I’ll just say if you do pick up a copy of the game, all feedback in this thread would be ver much appreciated. If you don’t fancy picking up a copy then please provide us with ideas that would grab your attention and drive you towards playing our game.

Multiplayer and Story Mode are currently in the works.

Thanks for taking a look!

App Store link -

Going to play it tomorrow morning and can’t wait for the multiplayer as well. I bought an iPad exactly for these type of ARKit games, can’t wait!

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That’s great to hear. We currently have a build ‘In Review’ with Apple currently that fixes a few issues we were having the first time around. So that update may be ready just in time for you to try it out!