ARZombi Mobile AR Game

Hi all, this is my first post on VRGamesFor and certainly not my last. My name is Sean and I’m currently running the promotion for this upcoming Augmented Reality game called ARZombi coming to IOS this fall.

Made with ARKit, Augmented Zombies meet COD first person shooting in your own home! ARZombi detects your doors and windows and boards them up ready for protection against the zombie horde. Race around your home protecting your fortress of solitude and slay the walking dead trying to raid your fridge (and your innards).

Future updates currently will include story modes and multiplayer.

Take a look at our trailer below and any questions, just ask.

Development questions will be forwarded to the relevant person.

Thanks for taking a look!


This game looks freakin’ awesome. This game certainly shows what AR is capable off, I mean, shooting zombies inside my own house!

You know what will be amazing, being able for a gun controller that holds the phone, so you can shoot by just pushing the trigger, so it feels more like an FPS game, rather than holding the phone with one hand, which I feel might be kind of awkward, but hey, I need to try it to find out…

I have another important question and maybe as a developer, you can answer that. I wanted to know if ARKit games will work also devices older than the upcoming iPhone 8, and if they do, how can they work without any dedicated AR camera hardware?

Thanks a lot for sharing, I’ll make sure to spread the word about this game.

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Hey VimVim. I’m glad you like it, it’s much appreciated.

The gun controller would be cool but I think only a double gun controller would work for practicality with the screen in the middle. That would be cool. You could have your very own Blade / Resident Evil style dual pistol shootouts but when picking up other weapons (grenades, hammers etc) then the controller might feel a bit redundant. I do love that idea thou when it comes to guns!

As mentioned above I’m not the developer merely just the social media guy / promotional aspect of the game but I believe (Don’t quote me on this) that ARKit games will work on any devices that use A9 or A10 chips. 6S and above.

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Hi @ARZombiGame welcome to the VR Game Forum!

Thanks for sharing your game with our community members. I’ve made sure the game is added to our ARKit game’s section. You will see it once the cache is refreshed, which might take a a few minutes. ARZombie looks like a really cool game and it’s great to be the first Zombie shooter for ARKit (if I am not mistaken this is the first zombie shooter for ARKit, right?).

Here is the page where the game will appear: Apple ARKit AR Games Upcoming & Latest

It will also appear on the main VR Game list page.

I wish you the best in launching the game. By the way, is there any scheduled release date for it? Do you play to bring this title to Google Tango as well?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hey! Thank you so much for adding the game to the ARKit section.

I do believe it will be the first zombie ARKit title you’re correct. Aiming for September launch.

In regards to Google Tango, we are working on a Tango build (as we’ve worked with Tango before). ARKit is the priority at the moment however due to the high number of compatible devices in the market.

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Hi @ARZombiGame

Is there any difference between the iPad and the iPhone version of the game?

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Hey VR-Gamer! No difference. The new iPhone 8 may or may not have additional capability but we won’t know until the announcement.

Any official website for the game, can’t seem to find it.

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We’ve literally just set up everything within the last week so there is no official website just yet Genji. We have a few ideas shuffling around in regards to other area’s of marketing before the website goes live but in the meantime here are our social media links:

Twitter -
Facebook -
Instagram - @arzombi

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@ARZombiGame does the game recognized windows and doors in the room? anything else that the zombie can crawl through?

At this moment in time both doors and windows are recognised. Zombies crawling through catflips or similar just isn’t possible at the moment haha but with future updates we imagine we can spice things up a little!


Can’t wait for iOS 11 to come out, damn this AR game looks so epic!

Story mode in AR, you’ve got my attention!

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Thank you for commenting! We look forward to unleashing our little pack of zombies onto your home!

Will I be able to play it on my iPhone 5S? I don’t mind low frame rates?

The game will sadly be all but useless on the 5S. Only 6S and upwards will be fully compatible with ARKit games.

Check it out - ARZombi 2 on the Bridge Mixed Reality Headset:

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