Army of Robots (AR) now available on the App Store


This is “Army of Robots”, an AR game that REALLY uses and understand your environment as a battlefield.

It’s an unique First Person Shooter experience in AR. Try it out!!

If you are an influencer, we have promo codes for you, just let us know.

Hope you guys like it and have fun!! :slight_smile:


Looks amazing! I’m currently adding the game to our index. Good luck with this great AR game!


AR as such a great potential but I still think that for FPS regular screen works best. At least with AR you don’t get motion sickness and you can enjoy moving while shooting without too many restrictions. I wish I had that type of device that can run ARKit so I can try out this game. I’m sure that the first experiences are going to rock, especially when you try this technology for the first time.

Wow! What a great review!!

We’re really glad you’ve enjoyed the game and how you put that experience to the text!

Many many thanks!! :smiley:

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Hello again! I’m here just to let you guys know that our game Army of Robots is now available with a Halloween special update. Please check it out! Thanks

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