ARkit games - your experience so far

Hi guys what’s up?

I would like to know what do you guys think about the latest ARKit games, are you enjoying them? Any negative opinions about this new technology when it comes to gaming?

Eager to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

I really don’t like AR. I think it’s not good for gaming, maybe for education. I just don’t feel comfortable moving the camera around with my phone. When I play games, I just like sitting on my bad and just play a game. I think the industry was carried away to far after the success of the Pokemon game.

The other thing that I don’t like is the camera projection of the real-life scene. I mean, I play a game, why I should see the real-life surrounding area, it has nothing to do with the game. I prefer VR because at least you can have a scene related to the game itself.

The third thing is that games are just too simple, experiences or demos. This poses more problem for developers because you can’t just create a great 2D game, you need to know 3D programming, which means fewer developers will be able to develop games for it. The experiences themselves are very simple and not that interesting.

I’m sure that in time we get to see some great AR games from triple-A companies that will take good use of this technology. Right now there is nothing interesting to play on the App Store.

Overall, not impressed at all. Hyped technology that just made me skip AR an go play regular mobile games.

I think the potential is huge, but not yet realized. In the right hand of a very creative person, we’ll get to see some amazing games, I’m sure about it. Regarding the physical movement that many games require, I actually see this is a positive thing. You can always go play “standard” mobile games, but here you have the opportunity to experience something else. Just wait for more games to come, I’m sure you’ll find some games that you will enjoy playing.

I tend to agree with @vimvim, something about it just doesn’t feel intuitive at all. It’s like a burden to play because you need to move physically to interact with the scene and object in it. There is something missing here and I just can’t point to the exact reason.

AR combines games and reality to create a real experience. This technology opens up many opportunities for us. Pokémon is not the only successful project with ar technology. . Recently, more and more developers have focused their attention on the “children’s” niche. Such applications effectively influence motivation for learning and simplify the education process. Check out the updated list of examples using augmented reality for kids