Are the current 2016 VR headsets already becoming obsolete

I’ve just read about Leap Motion Orion hand tracking system and I wonder if all these headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are already obsolete with their technologies and we need new models to replace the current ones?

First of all, the Leap Motion Orion sensor can be attached to the headset and give it its full hands’ recognition capabilities. Of course the software has to support it, like you can see in this video.

I agree with the assumption that current VR headset look quite outdated if you take into consideration all the latest technologies that were revealed in 2016 and those in the works. I even took a look at some headsets in the Asian market, and you can already see some VR headset with very advanced specs,that in some aspects surpassing those of the current gen headsets.

That being said, you need to understand that it’s all about apps and games. The hardware should attract developers to develop experiences for it. Without any games, not one would pick a headset. This is why most developers are focusing on the most popular headsets, PSVR, Vive and Rift. These headsets are manufacturers by large corporations and developers know that those headsets are here to stay and those be the ones that will lead the VR market in the future as well. Consistency is very important. If you are already learning to develop with tool for current headsets, you don’t want to start learning how to develop to yet another unproven VR platform. Both PSVR, Rift and VIve aren’t open source like OSVR.

Even if a new amazing VR headset with all the latest technologies comes into play in today, do you think that many developers will start developing games for it? Absolutely not. It’s not just because of the development tools and learning a new SDK and without many consumers buying the headset, it won’t be an attractive platform the developer for.

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I believe that those headset will refresh every 2 years or so. Even with the latest technologies, developers can adapt themselves to new technologies every month, it won’t happen.