Anyone here plan to buy PSVR?

I am hesitating whether I should buy the PSVR this month or wait for some reviews to come in. I didn’t had a chance to try it first hand and I wonder how many of you tried it and plan to buy it this month. I would appreciate if you can share your experience with it. Thank you.

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Hi Lili, I do plan to buy it for an obvious reason, to write and share my opinion about the latest games on this website. In general terms, it’s always better to try a product in first-hand before buying it; it’s true not only to VR headset of course, but for many other electronic products. You need to at least try playing a few demos at the store to get the feel of it and see whether this is a product that you want to use to play games on. There is not rush, you can always wait a week or two and see read some early reviews, the headset and games aren’t going anywhere :slight_smile:

I’m not 100%, and I plan to wait a bit to read other people’s opinions about it. When it’s out, I will also be able to try it at the store so I can make a smarter buying decision. I’m not among those who pre-orders things, I want to be sure that my money is well spent.

wait for reviews just to be sure.

I also take my time. I haven’t decided yet, but early reviews look really promising. Keeping my eye on reddit an amazon reviews to hear what people think about it.

I plan to buy for my brother’s birthday, but still searching for the cheapest place to buy.

My brother is going to the US next month, so he will bring me the headset. So excited!

I’ll buy one soon for me and my brother, just waiting a bit.