Abode - Sci-fi noir Escape the room

Abode takes place in a Sci-fi noir universe.

Be a vigilant detective! Explore and investigate every corner and detail of the worn down apartment.

Find objects or items to inspect, search through boxes, drawers and furniture.
Repair broken equipment or utilize items and furniture in the room in order to unveil all it’s secrets.
A game inspired by the “escape the room” genre.

Abode is released as an early access game, and is still under development.
Currently the gameplay is about 30-60 min long seemingly bug free and already quite polished.

The developers plan to add more gameplay based on customer feedback, so if you’re in to this kind of thing let them know what you think!

Let’s play: (Be aware of spoilers but some is blurred out)



HTC Vive Exclusive.


Looks like an awesome, game, I’ve read Spooky’s preview, going to give it try. Great job!

Check out preview, as you can see, we really love the game in its current state, looking forward for the full release!


Have fun! and feel free to give it a review on steam if you like it :wink:

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I tried it and enjoyed it so much. I wish it wasn’t so short, I felt like I can spend a whole day just solving puzzles. You did an astounding job with the visuals, smart puzzles and especially with the object interaction. It’s just in early access, so I just hope you guys working on more content. Oh, I also would like to have some more complicated puzzles, something that I will cause me to bang my head against the wall, something a bit more challenging. Overall, a very good game. I’ll rate it later on Steam when I come home, currently playing on the Vive at a friend’s house.

This game looks dope, I love VR puzzle games. I’ve read the preview, I’ll tell my brother to buy it today. Oh, for anyone who wants to get this game, don’t watch the gameplay on YouTube, I start watching and they just go through the whole game, I watched a few seconds and stopped. Thanks for sharing this @jontaguse.

When the full version coming?

The game is fully playable from start to finish and is about 30-60 min long, We don’t really know but we think it will be released with all additional gameplay within a month.

First we wanted to se what people thought and expand from there.


Thanks for the update @jontaguse

My brother brought it yesterday. Really fun game. Is the full version going to be longer than this, like with more content, or the early access has all the puzzles that will be in the full version. Thanks.

Glad you liked it!

The full version will have more puzzles and be overall longer with even more polish.

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