A Free VR 3D Sculpting / Painting App for Oculus Rift & Quest

Today I’ve tried Adobe Medium, a 3D modeling, sculpting, and Painting Virtual Reality app for Oculus Rift and Rift S. I used it on the Oculus Quest using the VR Link cable connected to my PC.

This creative VR app is amazing. I was blown away by how intuitive it was, taking a primitive shape like a sphere and sharing it using your (virtual) hands.

I’ve created a Covid-19 -inspired creature in 3D, take a look.

It’s a great 3D modeling software for beginners. It’s much more intuitive compared to standard 3D modeling software like Blender or Maya. Of course, it’s much less robust by far, but still, it offers a wide range of tools to create some really impressive 3D creations.

Because you use your hands, you can easily transform, shape, and paint the 3D model. For example, using a paintbrush to spray on the 3D model like you do in Paint 3D software.

You can save and load your creation, publish them online, export as .obj or .fbx files, take snapshots and videos, and more.

I am not an artist but I enjoy using this app so much. It’s fun, relaxing, and makes you appreciate art even more. I do create art-making web, AR, and mobile apps, but I always wanted to be a 3D artist but never got a chance to fulfill it.

Adobe Medium is free for Oculus Rift/Rift S/Quest 2. You can download it via the Oculus Store. To use it on the Quest 2 you need the VR link cable as the software runs on PC.

This Virtual Reality creation software supports 3D sculpting, by using the Oculus Touch controller to intuitively shape your creation. Elastic move tools to modify the 3D mesh in different ways. Discover more than 300 different built-in 3D shapes to add to your virtual world, co-create using the same VR space with other creators, and more.

I highly recommend checking Medium by Adobe, an amazing 3D Asset Creation tool in Virtual Reality.