3 new games releasing on the PSVR next week!

Hey everyone, I just thought i would inform you all of 3 new games that are releasing next week.

The first is Sparc, it’s described as a 1 on 1 v sports game. It looks incredibly intense and i really think the PSVR is missing a game like this at the moment. The game releases on the 29th of August.


The second is Sneaky Bears. It’s a shooting gallery that is set in a factory. The location does appear a bit dull, but i believe the characters are going to make up for it. They certainly do have a lot of personality. The game releases on the 29th of August in the US and 31st in Europe.


The final game is The Lost Bear. It’s a 2d game in a 3d environment, if that makes sense. You sit inside a theater and control a girl who is trying to find her teddy bear. It has 2d platforming and you also use your dual shock controller in creative ways. The art style looks great!


Are you guys going to be picking any of these games up? They really are quite different from each other, so there should be something you would enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up my friend, I can understand the hype about both Sparc and Sneaky Bears. I really like Sprac because I love competitive skilled-base multiplayer games. I’m sure it’s going to be a hit on the PSVR, and it’s from CCP, the developer of Even Valkyrie. Hope you get some gameplay footage the moment it gets out, I really want to know how good it is. I’m sure people will enjoy seeing you streaming it, because people love seeing live competitive matches.

No problem. Love spreading news about the playstation vr. Yeah, i’m really excited for Sparc. a 1 on 1 competetive sports game is just what the psvr needs! I’ve been talking to the developers, so i should have a review out close to it’s release. My main priority will be the review, but i will certainly live stream after that :slight_smile:

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Hi @psvrworld The Lost Bear looks like the most original and interesting game of the three in my opinion. Sneaky Bears has some nice marketing material but the game as you said in your video the game environment looks blend and I don’t see anything exciting or different in this game than all the other stationary shooters.

Sparc will certainly be a really cool game to play on the PSVR. I think many PSVR gamers really want to get their hands on more multiplayer games and it’s great to hear that this title is coming out next week. I wish there was like a 3-vs-3 matches, it would be amazing playing alongside friends against other players, but I guess the matchmaking will have a hard time finding 3 other players to play against, but maybe they’ll add it in the future if the game becomes popular, and I think it will.

Looking forward to the reviews :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey :slight_smile: Yeah, The Lost Bear is going to be a normal 2d platformer, but it will be interesting how vr changes the experience with the backgrounds. I hope that Sneaky Bears is going to be quite different than the other shooters we have seen, but time will tell.

I think sparc is will be quite good 1 on 1. Each game will be incredibly intense and quite personal. I love the fact that people can spectate each match virtually. I really am excited for this game and i think customization options are going to keep people coming back for more. I know what you mean about more players in each arena, i do think not having them though will ensure that the developers have spent an incredible amount of time perfecting the 1 on 1 arena.

Thanks, i hope you enjoy them. It’s going to be a very, very busy week for me. Especially with the 3d animated sketches before and after each review though!

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I thought you are using some hardware for the skeletal animation of the featured characters in your reviews, didn’t know you do 3D animated sketches, I’m impressed :astonished:

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I do cheat a bit. I’m using a program for the human character that has pre existing animations and it also lyps syncs my voice to him. It takes time adjusting each animation to run smoothly with each other though. Beep on the other hand is all me and i have to animate him each time. Depending on what happens in the sketch, they usually take around 2 - 3 hours to to make (That time is only for the 3d animated sketch part lol)

lol cheating in that is good if you want to be productive. The results are really fun to watch. I thought the name of the characters is ‘B’ or ‘Bee’, now I know it’s Beep; nice to meet you little Beep :slight_smile:

I always come back to your reviews looking up for seeing the interactions between those two funny characters. You really nailed it right, great job!

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:stuck_out_tongue: If i didn’t use that program, the sketches simply wouldn’t be possible lol Thanks, glad they are! They normally are never the first script i write for them, i’m normally happy with the third.

I appreciate that, i was pre planning everything for just over a month before i even uploaded a video.

Beep says hi! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sparc character’s design looks uninspiring and the arena itself looks very anemic and boring. Come on, they could have done something much better than this. It looks like a game from the 90s in terms of visual quality, like two developers have been working on this project, very disappointed from what I’ve seen so far.

I do agree with you, but i don’t think they could have put too much detail into the arenas. The balls travel at very fast speeds and i think it would be quite hard to see where they are coming from. My main concern is if the controls are spot on, they have to be for a game like this. If the move controllers are not recognized 100% of the time, it will ruin the game.

@psvrworld what hours are you usually streaming at (EDT time please)? thanks.

Honestly, my times are all over the place. I hope at some point to get into more of a routine, but it also comes down to what games are releasing etc. Some games i prefer not to stream, as it’s hard to reply to comments and write down review notes at the same time and some games, i’m not allowed to stream because i have an early review copy. However, i am just about to live stream for a bit :slight_smile:

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@psvrworld It’s a good practice to have a predefined schedule for steaming so users know when to expect you online, but if you are doing many things yourself (streaming, reviews, animations as you’ve mentioned), I assume it’s hard to ensure a routine schedule for streaming.

I think Sparc is out now in the US if I am not mistaken. When you Stream please drop a line, I really want to see how this game plays out. THX

Its out world wide :slight_smile: I’ll probably stream some later, but my review is coming in the next hour, i hope that will help :slight_smile:

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Damn your are fast, can’t wait!

I haven’t slept all night! I also got a review code yesterday, so i had access for a day before. Just coming up to the final render! Finally!

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Stop teasing me… OMG… render this thing already!

Your telling me. I have sneaky bears to do next!

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